GIROInstant Simulator

What is GIROInstant Simulator?

GIROInstant Simulator is a testing tool - based on the Instant Payment Technology Compatibility Kit -, which follows the Hungarian HCT Inst rulebooks, the Message Implementation Guides and the Technical Connectivity Guide.

The toolkit could help a Payment Service Provider to completely test its payment hub and the underlying systems, which needs to connect to GIROInstant solution.

The simulator is able to simulate the behaviour of the Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM), which is called GIROInstant in Hungary and arbitrary number of Payment Service Providers (Banks, Financial institutions) as described in the diagram below.

Is it compatible with GIROInstant?

We guarantee, that the solution will work exactly as the GIROInstant System, as it will be used for internal developing of Payment Hubs, so its compatibility is going to be continuously tested in real life and in case of difference the Simulator will be updated to match exactly the GIROInstant system.

Does it provide partner Bank (PSP) functionality?

Yes. The Simulator can be started to simulate as many number of other PSPs as necessary. If required, the complete Hungarian bank system with all the BIC codes could be started, so a complete payment traffic of the Testing PSP could be simulated.

Can Partner PSP send transactions?

Yes, it can be configured, that partner PSPs could also send transactions, including credit transfers and request to pay messages. They can send these messages as individual test cases for functional tests, or they could simulate loadtests with high number of TPS. If necessary, beyond even 1000TPS.

Can I use the PSP simulator to communicate with the test GIROInstant system of GIRO?

Yes, it can be used to simulate the financial institution to receive transactions from other PSPs via the GIROInstant system, or send messages to other banks. This can be used during the connectivity testing or as a reference while implementing the PSP's own Payment Hub solution.

Can I generate test messages?

Yes, the simulator is getting its input from an excel, csv file, and generates the requests, responses as required sending all of them to the realtime monitoring system, where messages (including the full ISO20022 XMLs) can be checked and used.

See an example of these messages in the Demo page.

For the input sheet check out the sheet below.