Test tools on the market

Available GIROInstant test tools

Besides the GIROInstant Simulator introduced here, there are other test tools on the market, available for supporting testing. I will try to list them here on this page for reference. If you are aware of any additional tool, please contact me at info@instantpayments.hu.

GIRO test tool

Its core functionality to specify transactions in an Excel file, and the tool could generate the corresponding ISO20022 XML message, according to the MIG documents.

It is also capable to read the request pacs.008 file and produce the pacs.002 response file from the file system, but it does not provide any other connectivity to send and receive messages.

There is no public webpage available with the list of complete features. To request a demonstration or futher details, pricing, please contact azur@mail.giro.hu

The main purpose of the tool to be a complete simulator of the GIROInstant central system and other PSPs to simulate the complete hungarian banking sector. The tool could be used to test a PSP's own implementation against this test system. Functional testing scenarios, load testing scenarios can be modelled with it.

Test cases could be read from test sheets and the PSP simulator is capable to send the individual transactions, or could generate load for loadtesting.

The tool (the PSP module) could be used to communicate with GIROInstnat Test system, so connectivity participation, testing with other banks (functional or load) could be executed, while the Payment Hub of the Financial Institution is under construction.

GIROInstant test environment

This will be the test environment provided by GIRO Zrt. which is equivalent with the real production system, being the same system with test parametrisation. This is going to be available for the PSPs via GIRO private test network from second half of October 2018, when connectivity test could take place (using the echo service), and mandatory industry testing will take place from January 2019.

It is not yet specified, that beside the CSM functionality a reference PSP is going to be provided, so testing could take place with a fully functional test PSP which will reply according to the standard, including credit transfers, RTP and alias transactions, or PSPs needs to test with each other's systems - while under development - to have transactions completed.

Summary of features

The table below summarise the features of the tools.

Test tools