Instant Payments

Instant Payments

Instant payment is the term used in the financial industry to describe the credit transfers across bank accounts located at different institutions (ASPSP / Account Servicing Payment Service Providers). These schemes require that the complete transaction takes place in 30 (Japan), 15 (Singapore), 10 (European Union), 5 (Hungary) seconds. The service must be available 24/7/365, with different SLAs country by country. By having the service available across banks, customer expectation is that credit transfers do work with the same service level across accounts inside one institution.

What do we provide?

On this website you could find Resources providing links to documentation on the different publicly accessible specifications.

We have summarised and compared the Hungarian instant payment program to the implementations of other countries. Specialities of HCT Inst

We do provide a Technology Compatibility Kit, so you could test your solution with a system implementing the HCT Inst / SCT Inst credit flow process according to the available specifications. This could greatly help your development and testing efforts to integrate with the central system.