Technology Compatibility Kit

Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

What is it?

DPC Consulting provides a service for all participating institutions and their software vendors to test their solutions against our TCK system.

The purpose of the TCK to simulate the Central Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) of an Automated Clearing House, in case of Hungary this being GIRO's system.

The TCK follows exactly the available specifications, rulebooks as they are released by GIRO. The current implementation is based on the HCT Inst rulebooks, and the documentations mentioned on the Resources page.

The capabilities described in details in the presentation below.

Where is it currently?

The system is running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service, in their Frankfurt availability zone.

Can I host it locally in my datacenter?

Yes. The system requires nothing more than a docker capable host (Windows, Linux or Mac) to run the three containers. Please contact us here for details.

Can I try?

The system is up and running, the Dashboards can be checked out together with the corresponding message audit logs.

Dashboard on a time period which contains test run results

Audit log discovery (by opening the detailed view, the complete ISO 20022 XML message can be observed)

How can I connect?

Please register for access here: Request to test

We will provide a client library in Java, so you could send and receive messages immediately by running the provided sample client. With your payment hub, you should be able to connect to the central system following the instructions provided after registration.

Is it final?

No, it is not. For the credit transfer flow we could assume, that it is close to final, but GIRO did not specify which protocol will be used to connect to the system. Currently we are using Apache Kafka, but a protocol converter can be easily added. Once GIRO publishes the protocol we will adapt being it IBM MQ, SOAP Webservice over HTTPS, STOMP over Websockets or anything else.


DPC Consulting has experience in instant payment solutions, as our colleagues participated in the introduction of this service in Singapore. This expertise and the passion for implementing useful solutions with modern technology driven us to come up with the idea to help the adoption with providing a TCK.

We do believe the industry could benefit from being able to start developing their systems and testing it out with a solution which behaves as close as possible to the central system which will be available for testing only at a later stage.

How is it implemented?

See the diagram below, which shows you, that the GIRO Instant Simulator provides the Central System, a Bank Simulator and a Realtime Monitoring System.

Check the presentation below to get further details on the solution, the provided monitoring dashboards, the overall architecture.

HCT Inst Technology Compatibility Kit v2